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People shoot for different reasons. Some do it for sport. Some just for fun. And others practice to shoot competitively.

No matter your reason, Armscor / Rock Island Armory has your products.

Rock Island Armory has always believed in providing value. As the largest manufacturer of quality 1911s, they can put any level of shooter behind a great firearm at an affordable price and provide precision ammo so you can shoot with confidence. And, of course, great accessories to round out your experience. Rock Island Armory continues to invest in new and exciting products. It’s not about cutting corners to make a less expensive gun. It’s about delivering performance at a price that makes shooting affordable. Plus, our firearms are SOLID AS A ROCK. And offer the best (life-time) warranty in the business to provide you with plenty of peace of mind with every purchase. Shoot Smart. Shoot a Rock.

Rock Island Armory expanded its line of firearms in 2018 with the introduction of RIA Imports. As the name suggests, RIA Imports are quality firearms from all over the world that deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from Rock Island Armory at an affordable price point. Like all our products, they come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. RIA quality. RIA warranty. Say hello to RIA Imports.

USA ammunition incorporates cutting edge technology with pure love of the shooting sport. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of affordable quality ammunition, Armscor supplies a wide range of ammunition for a variety of shooters, including hunters, sports shooters and law enforcement professionals. The rimfire is for hobbyists, combat and everyday shooters. The centerfire ammunition is designed for both pistols and rifles and is the smart choice for law enforcement and military too.

Being in business for over 30 years in the United States, Armscor has worked to establish itself in the ammunition industry through its innovation and engineering. Armscor Precision has been expanding in the recent years, with a new manufacturing facility in Stevensville, MT to meet the growing demand as well as expansion in the manufacturing facility in Pahrump, NV.