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Snake Guardz are the original ultra light weight snake gaiter, with metatarsal protection, featuring a unique design which allows air circulation between the leg of the wearer and the Snake Guardz. They are manufactured in Nylon, Polyester, and Cotton, all with DWR water repellant coatings. Stocking sizes fit from a 4-year old child to a 500 pound person.

Snake Chapz and Snake Chapz FP (snake proof ankle to thigh) are the original ultra light weight snake chap with "full range" height adjustment and featuring metal zippers. They are manufactured in Nylon, Polyester,and Cotton. Snake Chapz are designed with our patented insert system. Snake proof up to 19" - just like boots. Heavy shoes are required for foot and ankle protection. Snake Chapz are to be worn over regular clothing.

The original ultra lightweight sting ray gaiter, with metatarsal protection, designed to protect from the heel of the foot to the height of 12 inches. Sting Ray Guardz are manufactured with Nylon Fabric encasing polycarbonate inserts. The material has 2 ounce rubber water proofing applied to inside surface to prevent water pockets from forming inside the Guardz. Sting Ray Guardz are secured in place with two 1 inch polyester straps and quick release buckles with an additional 1 inch polyester strap going under the foot to prevent "floating up" while wading. Sting Ray Guardz must be worn over wading shoes or boots since they offer no protection to the sole, toes or front of the foot. Sting Ray Guardz are manufactured in KHAKI/SAND- TAN fabric.

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