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We at Fort Knox are proud of the fact that we are America's Best. From raw steel to the last coat of paint, we use only the best American made products. Contact us today at 800-821-5216!
Shooting Range Industries is a global provider of state-of-the-art shooting range solutions. Our expertise in range design combined with our innovative range equipment meets the growing demands for today's shooting range industry.
En.Range, Inc.

En.Range, Inc.

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Contact: Thomas Taylor
3310 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33142-6310
ALL WE DO ARE GUN RANGES -- Environmental services, lead removal, range and ventilation design, installation, and maintenance. Lead reclamation from skeet/trap, pistol, rifle, etc. Distributors of D-Lead products, range ventilation filters, and other range & safety related items. One of the largest recyclers of lead and range brass in US. Since 1996. Offices in Miami, FL and Reading, PA.

Our Vision

EnRange provides a complete solution for range owners and operators by offering a broad range of environmental and maintenance services exclusively for gun ranges.

We know range owners and operators already have numerous issues to worry about, and we will do whatever it takes to assist in helping them run a safe and profitable rangehandling their EPA, OSHA, DEP and other environmental issues. We also assist by providing training, education, consulting, and regulatory compliance assistance.

We are fully licensed and insured lead abatement and HAZMAT contractors protecting our customers from the significant liabilities and health risks associated with lead removal and other maintenance activities.

Professional Experience

EnRange provides solutions to over 75 indoor ranges and 50 outdoor ranges in the Eastern US from New York to Florida.

We have been in business since 1997, and have over 30 years of combined experience in working in lead abatement, environmental services, hazardous clean up, and regulatory compliance.


Sales Manager:

Jeff Lewis 786-350-6850

Marketing Manager:

Tom Walters 847-477-5972

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