PO Box 1459
Moriarity, NM 87035
United States of America

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Ergo Grips maufactures state of the art grips and accessories for many different models of firearms.

From our 21,000 square foot facility (17,000 Main and 4,000 Across the street) in Moriarty, New Mexico, ERGO develops and manufactures high performance small arms accessories to support civilian, law enforcement and military users. From innovative products like the ERGO® Grip and F93 Pro Stock®, ERGO Grips has expanded our product line to include a wide range of precision engineered weapon accessories.

What began as an enthusiast’s hobby has grown into a vibrant firearm accessories operation. Production, Sales and Support teams at ERGO have demonstrated what is possible when a passionate group dedicates itself to a common goal. Unified in the company’s mission—to provide all shooters with the finest firearm accessories available—the business has continued to grow due to a combination of precision manufacturing excellence and superior customer service.