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Laser Ammo (USA) Inc, owned and operated by former Israeli and US military combat veterans, is dedicated to providing innovative products for all shooters. Our products are used by military, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors and firearm owners worldwide.

The Laser Ammo family of laser products allow shooters of any skill level to convert their specific firearm into a powerful dry fire training system. From working with basic reactive targets to full simulator interactions, Laser Ammo systems are unique and effective training tools.
To enhance the training experience Laser Ammo also offers electronic targets, training software and the Smokeless Range ® Simulator.

Laser Ammo is also the only company that offers laser solutions for Airsoft training, Red Glocks, Blue Glock (Simunition) and more for a full blowback training that can activate different simulators, or force on force tactical products, like MIELS gear, Stressvest and more.
We are the exclusive distributer for the T.A.S sights, a well-known combat sight for Glocks and Springfield XDs, that based on cutting-edge fiber optics / tritium technology.

Committed to bringing our customers a precision-made product from the highest quality materials available, the Laser Ammo team is continually working to bring our customers the most reliable, innovative and cutting edge technology available. Laser Ammo is simply serious training for serious professionals.

The Company's R&D is conducted at its Israel office. The Company's presence in Israel puts it at the crossroads of leading weapons technology development. Laser Ammo benefits from the input of numerous professionals in engineering and weapons training for civilians, the military, and law enforcement, which has led to the creation of products that are ideally suited for each sector. Having our R&D at the Company's Israel offices also allows field-testing by top military and police units. At the same time, our US and European locations ensures that we are close to our retailers and end users. Our products were created as a result of user needs, and we intend to maintain that development philosophy.

Laser Ammo offices are located at Israel, New York and Sweden.