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Rapid Gun Systems is a 100% ATF-compliant point-of-sale (POS) system that can be deployed on premise or accessed through the cloud. Our system is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of firearms retailers in the United States and Canada and is suited for both established, and newly formed gun stores and ranges, alike. We do not require that you use our hardware and we are credit agnostic, meaning, we are flexible and willing to work with what you bring to the table.

The Rapid Gun Systems retail management solution allows stores to administer trade-ins or buy backs, tracks the movement of firearms, and includes integrated electronic boundbooks. Our Shooting Range Management feature allows you to track customers who have checked in and out of the range, records the time for multiple customers, and processes payments accordingly. Our 2D ID scanner ensures that each person using the range meets the minimum age requirements—and it ties in directly with your Gun Club Manager to ensure that anyone consuming alcoholic beverages is no longer allowed back on the range.

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In addition to our gun specific features, Rapid Gun Systems offers all the standard POS features you expect, including: advanced analytics and real-time reporting; eCommerce integration (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.); labor management (employee clock-in and clock-out); security system integration; accounting software integration (QuickBooks, Sage, etc.); loyalty and gift card programs; CRM; and more!

From sales to service, you’ll experience a 1:1 approach with Rapid Gun Systems. Our training and help desk support is in-house and available 24/7/365—and our commitment to personalized support is unparalleled (you’ll never feel like one of many—it’s not our style). Let’s chat and see how we can partner to grow your business!

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Rapid Gun Systems is an NSSF Affinity Partner