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Bigfoot Gun Belts was launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of creating some of the strongest, burliest leather gun belts imaginable. Since then, Bigfoot has been establishing itself as a company that delivers exactly that, specializing in gun belts that can carry any handgun with ease.

Bigfoot carry belts are made in the panhandle of Idaho, part of the great Pacific Northwest said to be inhabited by the creature the company is named for. However, our leather gun belts are easy to find, and are being found among the best concealed carry belts on the market. The belts start with dual layers of 14- or 18-ounce English bridle leather, and are finished with military-grade stitching, triple edge finishing and scuff-proof hardware.

Between these ccw gun belt layers of leather sits a spring steel core, which flexes for the perfect fit but provides rigidity that will carry any handgun and will do so over years of service. The 14-ounce belt can be had with or without the core, at the buyer's choosing, and the 18-ounce belt is available only with the core. Buyers can further choose black or brown leather belts, along with stainless steel or black metal hardware.

Few belts are available with the same quality of materials and at the same price point. We believe in delivering better value for money than other companies. This belt is built to last, but that needn't mean you have to go live in the woods Bigfoot does to afford a belt with the same name. Along with the incredible strength of the belt itself, every Bigfoot belt is backed with a Legendary guarantee, including a 7-day trial period and a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Visit us at