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We do more than sell your products.
At Ludwikoski & Associates, we understand your goals. We translate your sales plans and products into presentations that make them happen. Demonstrating how your products help customers meet their goals, we get them excited about selling as many of your products as possible. We enjoy long-standing relationships with our customers because we earn their trust and confidence. When represented by Ludwikoski & Associates, your brand has immediate credibility by partnering with a professional sales and marketing agency that is trusted and respected within the merchandising market. Long term growth does not happen by accident. Ludwikoski and Associates uses a structured goal setting process reinforced with monthly reviews and internal sales reports. This is combined with a proven Account Management System (AMS) for key accounts. Our AMS is a detailed plan consisting of product review, SWOT, strategies, critical success factors and accountability. These plans take time to develop and are often finalized face to face.

We love what we do.
We enjoy the outdoors and everything it has to offer. We use the products we represent which drives our passion to sell them. It also allows us to provide valuable input during product development and assist with innovative new product ideas.

Our territory is home to some of the largest retailers and distributors in the world. These key accounts require the superior level of service that Ludwikoski & Associates provides. Many of these accounts have dedicated LA sales professionals. They are experts on the accounts they service, and help to create opportunities other factories can learn from before products hit the retail market. Our commitment to servicing these large accounts led to the creation of LA Services in 2005.

We work hard.
Ludwikoski & Associates is committed to exceeding your goals. Call us nights, weekends and holidays. If we don’t answer, we will quickly get back to you. We will meet and exceed your deadlines, goals and expectations.