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With over thirty years of real world experience at the highest levels of military Special Operations and Federal Law Enforcement, Criterion Tactical provides instruction that has been proven in the only place it counts: on the front lines. Criterion Tactical takes pride in providing the most flexible and customizable training courses available, tailoring each class to the level of the attendees and training objectives. Criterion Tactical offers real world shooting instruction by instructors who have actually been there.

Criterion Tactical Instructors draw on decades of experience in both Military and Law Enforcement
firearms applications. Our instructors have conducted Special Operations in every military conflict for over thirty years, both as members of the military and as civilian advisers. Our Federal Law Enforcement experience includes both street time and development of the most cutting edge shooting programs currently in use by Law Enforcement Agencies. Criterion Tactical have provided instruction for Federal Agencies, military personnel from all branches of service, Department of Defense employees, and State and Local Law Enforcement.

Criterion Tactical uses a full scope training methodology to maximize the efficiency of your range time. We customize the course of instruction based on your desired training outcomes, your training duration, level of experience, and available facilities. We strive to spend the time on the shooting range doing just that – shooting. By conducting an interview and assessment prior to your range session, we tailor the training sessions to maximize the efficiency of your trigger time and achieve greater shooting results than non-customized training. By applying a lifetime of firearms instruction and application, Criterion Tactical can provide safe and effective training environment to improve your shooting skills.

Criterion Tactical instruction is not simply limited to the application of firearms. We believe that mindset in a firearms encounter is as important as proper physical shooting skills. The “We are the final bastion against evil” motto represents Criterion Tactical’s belief that a person must prepare themselves mentally before they deploy a firearm in an emergency situation. From the newest shooter to the most experienced professional, first developing sound shooting skills creates the confidence that can fortify a proper mindset.

Criterion Tactical is excited to offer you the best training from the most experienced instructors possible. No matter what areas of your shooting would like to work on, we can develop a course that will improve your skills. Our mission is to create a generation of confident, safe, and capable people who understand that self-defense, both professionally and personally, should be a right for all.

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