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GSI Rotary Feeder from GSI International

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The XL650 rotary bullet feeder machine consists of two main items, the GSI rotary bullet feeder and the XL650 toolhead.

The XL650 rotary Bullet Feeder uses a DC Electric Motor to rotate the hopper ring counter-clockwise. The hopper ring picks up bullets Nose First in the bottom of the bowl and delivers the correctly oriented bullets to the top of the hopper where they exit and travel down the bullet guide column.

A micro switch on the column regulates the operation of the feeder as needed to keep the column full of bullets.

The RL1050 Bullet Feed Systems & Super 1050 Reloading Machines include the GSI Rotary Bullet Feeder, the GSI 1050 Toolhead & a kit for relocating the case feeder to the rear of your 1050 reloader.

We provide you with a new GSI Toolhead Assembly, mounting posts and hardware to install our bullet feeder and casefeed to your 1050 reloader.

The Integrated Feed Mechanism transfers the motion of the toolhead to rotate the bullet feed wheel counter-clockwise, delivering bullets ready for seating into the case.

The GSI Toolhead fits both the RL 1050 and Super 1050 machines. You will use the following toolhead parts: CF Cam, Primer Pushrod and Ratchet Cam and hardware.


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