The leading manufacturer of 458 SOCOM Ammunition

The leading manufacturer of 458 SOCOM Ammunition from SBR Ammunition

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There is a great deal of “buzz” about the 458 SOCOM these days. SBR-USA was involved with the 458 SOCOM from the beginning, working with Teppo Jetsu to bring the cartridge to life taught us a great deal about loading the 458 SOCOM. When you purchase 458 SOCOM ammunition from SBR-USA, you are buying more than a box of ammo, you are buying the peace of mind that only we can offer based on our extensive knowledge and experience of producing this cartridge commercially for well over a decade.

SBR-USA also produces a wider variety of 458 SOCOM ammunition than anyone in the world. With over 20 specialized 458 SOCOM cartridges, there is something for every user from recreational shooters, to hunters and Special Forces teams. We load bullets from leading bullet manufacturers as well as producing our own FMJ and tracer bullets specifically designed for the 458 SOCOM.

We also offer complete rifles, uppers and suppressors specifically built for the 458 SOCOM. We use only the finest domestically produced parts to build our rifles, uppers and suppressors, as the parts used in the 458 SOCOM are much more critical than in other cartridges, and cheap parts can, and do, fail.

When you are looking are looking for 458 SOCOM ammunition, buy “The Original” the way it was designed to be loaded. Our ammo WILL fit in all 458 SOCOM guns built to the original Teppo Jetsu specifications and you can rest assured that our ammo has been thoroughly tested, both in our shop and in the marketplace for over a decade. We use a state of the industry Piezo Electronic transducer system to measure the pressure of our ammunition to verify that it is loaded to safe pressure levels. After the lab, we test it on the range to make sure it is consistent, accurate and functioning.

SBR manufacturers other calibers to support Military, Law Enforcement and Government agencies around the world. We also offer a variety of ammunition for the civilian market.

We are a licensed ATF Title 10 manufacturer, and registered with the U.S. State Department. We hold an ATF 08 and FEL 24 importer licenses as well. Additionally, we are a Class II manufacturer, building custom weapons and suppressors, including calibers above .50 caliber.


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