The Gunbox

Brains, brawn, and a thing of beauty!

It’s the ultimate in quick, accessible handgun storage and concealing your gun in plain sight. The peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun wherever you need it, instead of your basement safe where it is inaccessible when the need arises.

The Gunbox is the ultimate in quick accessible handgun storage, safely concealing your firearm in plain sight yet with rapid accessibility in case you need it. It’s cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features provide the peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun on a nightstand, desk, countertop, or anywhere you might need fast access.

The Gunbox “boasts” 3 models, all made from high strength aluminum. The 2.0 is the flagship with a self-opening lid and two USB Charge ports in back to minimize cord clutter on your table or night stand. The Echo series is a bit more mobile/compact yet can still accommodate most full-size weapons. The SK-1, will hold one tactical rifle or defense shotgun and is the only stand-alone rifle safe on the market for quick access yet safe storage. The 2.0 and Echo come in two appealing colors that will match any taste and décor, while the SK-1 comes in Black only. All models use the same electronics and with the simple touch of a finger, entering of a key code, or the wave of a keycard, FOB or a ring, the Gunbox opens smoothly in seconds. As an added security feature, they are equipped with an audible motion and tamper alarm that triggers an alarm if your box is bumped or moved. The 2.0 and Echo models include Wi-Fi and can send smartphone mobile alerts when moved or tampered with. The 2.0 comes pre-drilled and ready to mount anywhere and in any orientation including under a desk or the side of a nightstand. A security tether cable can be added to all models in order to secure the Gunbox wherever you need it.

The Gunbox cutting edge design and sleek lines not only make it a great addition to any space, but it is the perfect reason to bring your handgun out of the basement safe and into a secure and accessible new home.

Gun storage has evolved and The Gunbox is leading the way.

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