The main advantages:

* Maximum energy transfer
at the moment of hit
* Frontal part of the slug expands
to a 36 mm diameter in the first
moment of impact
* Pneumatic and hydrodynamic
shockwave on internal organs
* Extensive splinter cone damage
* Large entrance holes provide
massive blood tracks
* Reduced possibility of ricocheting
* Lead-free
* Minimal friction in the barrel
* Can be used in all chokes
* Highest accuracy
with a 1 mm choke

Hexolit 32 was created by modifying the Dupo 28 slug. During several hunting seasons, research was conducted on slug hit results and their lethal effects. As a result, effective splinter cone damage performance was discovered. When splintering apart, the frontal part of a Hexolit 32 slug causes a powerful double impact. In case of an imperfect hit, the six splinters and main body of a Hexolit 32 slug still provide extensive lethal damage. Some of the splinters reach vital organs and prevent the animal from escaping. Three splinters usually travel up and damage the spine and nerves next to it, paralyzing the animal and denying its possibility to move. Despite its large entrance hole, a Hexolit 32 slug does not cause extensive damage to game animal's meat. The combined and powerful impact effect stops cardiac functions and the circulatory system so quickly that there are no blood effusions usually created by imperfect rifle bullet hits. Thanks to its accuracy and effectiveness, Hexolit 32 is the most efficient ammunition now available. The flawless slug quality complies with the choice of the most demanding hunters.


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